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Metal Framing for Naples, Fl

SW Drywall Company is more than just drywall. We provide complete metal framing services for the Naples area as well as Collier and Lee Counties. Choosing the right material to frame your next project can affect your bottom line. Also known as light gauge steel framing (LSF) this product provides cost benefits over other building materials. As the standard alternative to traditional wood framing, homeowners and business owners alike should consider metal framing for their construction projects.

Metal Trusses

Benefits to using Metal Frames in Florida

1. Durability

Steel does not contract or expand when the moisture content of the air changes, therefore, it is stable. When exposed to environmental elements, brick, cement, and wood will show changes in their structure by swelling,  cracking, chipping, splitting, warping or show shrinkage cracks. Steel is durable and resists these changes when exposed to environmental elements.

The stability of steel should be considered especially when building tall or mid-rise buildings. The taller a building is, the more structural stability it needs. 

2. High Strength to Weight Ratio 

Steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all structural framing materials. The strength of steel is up to 7 times greater than dimensional lumber.

3. Saves Time

Steel Framing projects frequently utilize what is known as Penelization (assembly off-site) which can speed up construction while increasing quality control.

4. Cost Effective

The total cost of construction projects is consistently lower when steel framing is used.

See this recent study: The True Cost of Cold-Formed Steel v. Wood Framing


5. Doesn’t Burn or Melt 

Because steel is non-combustible, your home or business assets are more secure in case of a fire. When considering the average fire temperature of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit (rarely exceeding 1,800 degress), you can rest assured that your steel framing will not melt (for that to happen the fire would need to be 2,700 degrees!)

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Metal’s durability can’t be rivaled when considering its resistance to moisture, heat, corrosion, mold, or pests. 

6. Longevity

The dimensional stability of steel framing is a significant advantage when considering the typical environmental factors that threaten a building’s stability and thus, lifespan. Steel is also resistant to mold or pests, extending its life significantly.

7. Easy to  Maintain

Because steel-framed buildings resist rot, pests, and moisture they cost less to maintain. Not only that but they also have fewer warranty claims due to their stability and durability.

8. No Pests

This warrants being in a category all its own. Wood Framed buildings risk termite infestation, which is the highest cause of harm to buildings; higher than floods, fire, and wind combined.

Steel is the best material to defend against these dangers.

9. Recyclable

Metal Framing can contain up to 25% recycled steel. Metal is always and continually recyclable. It’s the most recyclable material. 

10. Sustainable 

Because it is the most recyclable, steel is considered a “green” material. Having low environmental impact, steel is sustainable for the long term.  

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